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As sunlight enters a window with a suncatcher, a myriad of rainbows flicker and shine throughout the room. With a 30mm crystal prism, each unique suncatcher is designed to complement a room with the delightful presence of rainbows.

Jewel Wing suncatchers are individual creations, designed with distinctive elements. Some include a wire-wrapped polished lace or moss agate that displays hidden wonders when lit by the sun. Others incorporate in-house tumbled sea glass in various shapes and tones. The colors and textures of one-of-a-kind and quirky beads embellish and guide the design decisions. These components are hand-strung on a strand comprised of 26lb test strength wire and metal crimps, ready to withstand the sun’s rays. Each suncatcher, a tiny work of art, sparkles, glows and creates the magic of rainbows in your world.  

Polished Agate Suncatchers

Wire-wrapped polished agate slices hand-strung with complimentary beads and a 30mm prism. 

Sea Glass Suncatchers

In-house tumbled sea glass hand-strung with complimentary beads and a 30mm prism. 

Unique Bead Suncatchers

Interesting beads selected and  hand-strung with a 30mm prism. 

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